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GCN is pleased to announce the availability of the GCN EchoBox™ designed for FCC licensed terrestrial AM-FM radio stations.

Designed for stations that do not have an XDS Satelite receiver and dish, the GCN EchoBox™ will air any GCN show, Live, or in Delay, any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Designed on a small SBC (Single Board Computer), in a box about the size of a pack of cigarettes, it requires only a 5 volt usb power supply (provided), a wired internet connection (cat5/6), and an analog audio input, to deliver its audio into the stations automation, in either balanced mono, or unbalanced stereo. Its audio output is 1/8" RTS. An audio output wire can be provided with a pigtail or connector of your specificiation to plug into your station's audio input.

Just like a satellite receiver, the GCN EchoBox™ will air GCN shows in low latency (about 700ms), thus allowing stations to "duck" its audio, and run their local ad inventory, regardless if the program is airing live, or in delay.

Stations that currently air a lot of GCN programs in delay, by downloading and overwriting files into their automation, can benefit from the GCN EchoBox™, in that it will eliminate the need for labor daily and/or weekly.

Scheduling, at this time, is done by GCN engineering, and in most all cases can take effect in under 1 hour from the time executed. We are working on a "web based user interface", that will allow stations to schedule their own GCN EchoBox™ in the future.

Shows running in delay will still deliver audio, even if the internet connection drops momentarily, mid-show. If the internet drops before any "live" broadcast, the unit will detect the outage and run a replay instead of the live stream.

17 years of GCN experience delivering RELIABLE content to terrestrial stations, has, and is being implemented into the ongoing development of this new delivery means.

GCN will provide this new device to terrestrial stations free of charge, in exchange for a signed (30 day out) agreement.

Interested stations should contact Adam Miller at GCN affiliate relations.

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